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What Are The Risks Involved With Getting Dental Veneer?

Dental Veneers are tooth colored shells that are bonded to the front of teeth. Veneers are made out of porcelain or composite resin material, and match the shade of your natural teeth. Patients that have misshapen, stained, uneven, or chipped teeth are good candidates for veneers. Veneers can also help to close gaps between teeth,

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What is the Difference Between Dental Implants & Veneers?

Dental Veneers and Dental Implants both can give patients a beautiful white smile. Deciding what restorative or cosmetic option works best for you depends on the condition of your teeth. Our staff at Hello Smile Dental in Simi Valley, CA provides cosmetic and restorative consultations to all our patients to take a detailed look at your

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How Often do Dental Implants Need to Be Replaced?

If you have been recommended for dental implants, you may wonder if they will ever have to be replaced. Implants are a permanent restorative solution for patients seeking that perfect smile. Dental implants look and feel natural in the mouth, and last upwards of 25 years if they are cared for properly. At Hello Smile

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Define Inflammation What Causes Inflammation

Define Inflammation- What Causes Inflammation?

Healthy gums are pink and firm, so swollen and red-swollen gums may be an indication that you have a gingival problem. There are several reasons why you might have swollen gums, so it is important that you understand what is causing the gum inflammation.

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Pale Gums

How To Cure Bleeding Gums

One of the best ways to cure bleeding and inflammation is good brushing. If the bleeding is mild, simply use a special mouthwash for gums after brushing. Although the bleeding appears when we brush, continuing to do it properly will allow it to stop. It would be a mistake not to do so because this would imply that the symptoms are accentuated.

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Vtorichnaya Adentiya


In dentistry, there are cases of the absence of some teeth in a patient. They may be partially or completely lacking due to loss or due to improper development of the dentofacial system. This condition is called Adentia.

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