What Constitutes a Dental Emergency?

what constitutes a dental emergency

Not everything that happens in life is expected, and the same goes for trauma to the mouth that might require immediate dental attention. Dr. Kevin Ju of Hello Smile Dental in Simi Valley, California is a dental professional who not only offers general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry choices for new and current patients, but he also provides emergency dentistry solutions, as well. This includes offering same-day appointments for patients who may or may not have attended his practice for care in the past.

What is emergency dental?

Dr. Kevin Ju is a dentist in Simi Valley, California excited to offer dental solutions for patients, including emergencies. Emergency dental treatments are situations in which a patient needs immediate, same-day care to address a problem. Emergency dental treatments are unexpected occurrences, often trauma that occurs to the mouth. Patients who have severe toothaches or lost restorations may also require same-day care. Determining a dental emergency is the first step in deciding if you need emergency dentistry.

What is considered a dental emergency?

Certain situations occur that might be categorized as needing emergency dentistry. Dr. Kevin Ju and his team find that dental emergencies are situations that require immediate care from a dental professional. In some cases, patients may call and receive treatment recommendations to consider before coming into the office or scheduling an appointment for the following day. Calling our on-call professionals can help you determine what constitutes a dental emergency. Below are a few common situations in which a patient may need same-day solutions:

  • Knocked out/chipped/severely cracked tooth
  • Severe toothache that keeps patients from sleeping or functioning through the day
  • Signs of a severe infection that might require root canal therapy
  • The gums are incredibly sore and aching
  • The jaw is swollen and painful
  • A dental abscess has developed
  • A tooth has gone numb or becomes loose
  • Significant bleeding continues to occur long after oral surgeries have been performed

How much does emergency dental work cost?

The cost of emergency dental work varies dramatically depending on the patient’s unique situation. Specific procedures, such as the reattachment of a tooth to the jaw or root canal therapy, may be much more expensive than more simple treatments such as the prescription of antibiotics for an infection or rebonding a dental restoration in place. During a visit for emergency care, patients will be advised as to the expected cost of treatment. Our front office team advises patients to bring their dental insurance card and information to their appointment so available benefits can be applied to the appointment to reduce out-of-pocket costs. For remaining costs after insurance benefits, patients may be able to finance their treatment and make regular payments to our practice to afford the necessary dental work.

What if I don’t need emergency dental care?

Certain dental situations may need the help of a dental professional, but not necessarily same-day assistance. When a patient calls the practice of Dr. Kevin Ju for emergency dental care and can wait for the following day, an appointment can be made later.

Learn where to go for emergency dental care in Simi Valley, CA

At Hello Smile Dental, Dr. Kevin Ju and his team are available to help a wide range of patients with a number of standard dental procedures, including emergency care. Even if you are not a current patient of the practice, our team can help you when problems arise. Contact the office by calling (805) 380-5048 to schedule a same-day appointment with our team at 1782 Erringer Road. We are open to new and current patients and are conveniently located in the community for easy access when you need it!

How Do I Help with Tooth Pain?

Dental Emergency Simi Valley

If you think you may have a dental emergency it is important to know what to do to ensure your issue is addressed as soon as possible. Our office provides same day or next day appointments to accommodate our patients that need immediate treatment.

One of the most common dental emergencies that patients experience is tooth pain. There are tips you can try at home if the tooth pain does not go away while you wait for an appointment in our office. Pain is a way of our body sending a message that something is wrong. Typically, if patients experience pain this means there is a problem that must be addressed.

There are many causes for tooth pain such as tooth decay, issues with a filling, tooth fracture, or infection. If you have any of the below signs you may have an infection, and you must be seen right away.

• Fever
• Swollen or red gums
• Blood or pus around tooth
• Throbbing pain that does not go away
• Swollen or tender face or jaw

What Can I Do at Home to Relieve Tooth Pain?

There are remedies patients can use at home to help treat tooth pain while they wait to be seen in our office. These remedies can help reduce pain and keep you comfortable.

• Take an anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen.
• Use a pain relief gel on the area.
• Apply a cold compress covered with a cloth to the area to help reduce inflammation for 20 minutes each time.
• If you have a hot compress this can also be used on the area to help relieve pain.
• Peppermint tea bags can be used on the area and are known to help ease oral pain.
• Clove oil can be used on the area and is known to help reduce inflammation or numb oral pain.

Looking to Make an Appointment to Address Tooth Pain?

If you have tooth pain that does not go away we recommend making an appointment to be seen in our office. Our staff will provide a thorough exam to help identify the cause and address your tooth pain. X-rays may be taken to get a closer look at the issue. We will recommend treatment options, and always address serious issues immediately.

Patients can prevent tooth pain by practicing good oral hygiene habits at home. Brushing and flossing each day is important as well as eating a healthy diet, and avoiding high sugar foods or drinks. We also recommend to avoid hard food items that may cause a crack or injury to your teeth. Regular dental cleanings and exams in our office can help keep your mouth and teeth feeling great.

If you have tooth pain and would like to make an appointment, please call our office and our staff will make sure you are seen as soon as possible!