Fluoride Treatments in Simi Valley

What are Fluoride Treatments?

Fluoride is an essential part of keeping your smile healthy and full. It can help to strengthen teeth and prevent tooth decay. If you don’t get enough fluoride, we may recommend additional treatments, which can be done in seconds in our office. Children of all ages can benefit from these treatments at each of their bi-annual checkup visits.

Why would Fluoride Treatments be needed?

You may want, or even need, fluoride treatments because you don’t use fluoridated toothpaste or mouthwash, and do not drink public water containing fluoride. If you are prone to tooth decay, fluoride treatments can provide you with the extra layer of protection you need to keep your teeth healthy. Children are great candidates for these treatments, since they are more prone to developing cavities.

What are Fluoride Treatments?
Who is a Candidate For Fluoride Treatments?

Who is a candidate for Fluoride Treatments?

Most of our patients are good candidates for fluoride treatments. The treatment itself is done quickly in our office, normally taking just seconds to apply to your teeth. Fluoride is safe, and incredibly beneficial to the health of your smile. Dr. Ju can examine your teeth to determine if you may benefit from fluoride treatments.

What happens during Fluoride Treatments?

First, the teeth are cleaned and an exam is performed. Dr. Ju will then apply the fluoride treatment to your teeth. You should not eat or drink for about a half hour after treatment is finished. This ensures that the fluoride is able to work fully and penetrate each of the teeth. You can request these treatments at any time. We may recommend them to kids at their bi-annual checkup visits to keep their teeth healthy and strong. Fluoride is a great option for people who are tired of dealing with cavities and other dental problems because their teeth are weak or experiencing other issues.

If you are considering fluoride treatments for yourself or a child, call us today so that our friendly staff can help you further. We have extended business hours as well as great customer support, so you’ll always feel welcomed into our office.

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